This article is concise material from “AWS Dev Hour”


This write-up is for anyone looking to start learning about AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) and how to create components like s3, dynamoDB and lambda, deploy these and use them in an app.

What we’ll be building with CDK

Self Improvement | Entrepreneurial Spirit|Startup
The program accepts a limited number of members per year
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This short article will explain;

Name: Janken
Tech: TensorFlow, Keras, Numpy, SqueezeNet & Open CV

All executed through python scripts. Game settings through keyboard strokes.


If you want to get running you can go straight to my GitHub and clone.
There are detailed instructions you can follow on the Readme.

In the Github project, I’ve included model examples, dependencies for the project, SqueezeNet models(will mention later on) and test images.

I’ve tried to make it as minimal as possible to get started even if you’ve never worked with ML or python before.

The rest of this article will focus on the 4 steps that made Janken;

“Putting Machine Learning into the Hands of Developers”



Last week I attended a completely free online AWS conference for ML & AI with links provided above. There where 15 parallel sessions under 6 tracks of topics between 10am-2pm so only viewing a maximum of 5 talks live would be possible.

The rest of this post are notes from different ML / AI talks I virtually attended, starting with the opening Keynote.

AWS DeepRacer Liberty-Outrun

If you’re sick of hearing about “DeepRacer” “DeepRacer” “DeepRacer”

I get it
No judgement here, promise :)

So! For those folks, here is a nice TLDR;

Team Outrun came 4th overall in re:Invent Vegas for Liberty Mutual
Disappointed initially, but got over it like a big boy and looking onwards to 2020

If you’re interested in more here is what’s to come;

Outrun won Belfast with a time of 13.11 seconds.

Welcome to a light read about DeepRacer and Reinforcement Learning.

The team above is ‘Outrun’ from the Quantum Unit.
Working left to right we have;
- Maths guru (David Fyffe)
- Without the Sir or the Wings (Paul McCartney)
- Team DK (David Kelly)
- Me (DBro)
- Dr. DeepRacer (Dr. Glenn Horan)

We are passionate about trying new technologies and winning.
Liberty Mutual’s AWS DeepRacer League was a great opportunity to achieve both.

AWS DeepRacer

I’m Darren, and I recently had my first speaking appearance at a conference — the 2019 Northern Ireland Developer Conference; niDevConf, where I had a 10 minute lightning talk.

This quick post has some advice and tips for others thinking about speaking at a conference! Steps I took from submitting to presenting:

1. Submitting my talk

Submitting my idea was an easy process, and for the 2020 niDevConf there will be a submission section; you’ll get something like this:

Darren Broderick (DBro)

SSE Developer | ML Newcomer | AWS DeepRacer Finalist | Children’s Author | Ability-Net Technical Volunteer

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